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Youtubers and the supposedly dead girl
*Knock knock*
Toby answered his door with a yawn. It was getting kind of late, even for him. There standing on his porch was his good friend Felix, or Pewdiepie to his many fans. The Swedish man looked shaken, but what caught his eye was the unconscious little girl no older than six in Pewdie's arms.
"Toby I need your help." He said in a hoarse voice. He was sweating and out of breath like he had ran all the way there.
"Explain to me what happened" Toby  said as he sat in the waiting room of the hospital.
"I found her unconscious on the side walk when I was walking around town. There was no one around and she looked really sick so I picked her up and that's when I ran to your house because I didn't know where the nearest hospital was. I haven't lived here very long, remember?" Felix explained frowning slightly. That's when the nurse walked out.
"Are you two her...fathers?" She asked warily glancing between the two.
"No! He found her I drove them here." Toby said quickly. "Is she okay? Can we see her? Does she have parents? Do you know why she was out all by herself?"
After more explaining the nurse let them go into the room.
"We have no records on her, we don't even know her name so we are unsure if she has a family of not." The nurse explained sadly. As the three were talking about her injuries the young girl began stirring.
"Mmm" she groaned causing everyone to turn and look at her.
The child's eyes fluttered open revealing bright blue orbs. Her hair was a light blonde almost white and her completion pale. She looked around the room before looking at the people in the room with her; she looked utterly terrified.
Toby was the first to speak.
"She is so cute!!" He exclaimed smiling. Pewdie chuckled slightly.
"Yeah she is~!" Toby gushed.
"Gentlemen I would like to have a word with her if you don't mind please step out in the hall." The nurse said sternly walking and opening the door. The two men left and let the lady run her tests. After another thirty minutes she walked out into the hallway wit a sad look.
"Her name is Madeline Elizabeth Roberts. Her mother died of cancer when she was two. Her father had abused her and her grandmother gained custody over her. One day her father kidnapped her. They were never found and many supposed her to be dead. She no longer has any known living relatives so she will have to go to an orphanage or foster home. I have already discussed this with her and she surprisingly took it rather well." The nurse said solemnly. Felix and Toby looked shocked.
"Poor little cutecutecute." Toby muttered glaring at the floor.
"What if we took care of her?" Pewds asked hastily.
"What?" The nurse questioned wondering if she had heard right. "You wish to take care of her?"
"Yes! I think we would be able to take care of her" Pewdie said not really thinking things through. He just had one thing in his head; this little girl has suffered enough and he wanted to protect her from anymore suffering.
"Well I guess that is a possibility but one of you would have to sign adoption papers and become her legal guardian" the nurse said at the two. In her opinion neither looked like father material. "you would have to sign quite a bit of paper work and then it would have to be approved."
"Okay! Bring it here! Can we go talk to cutecutecute?" Toby asked smiling brightly.
"Yes but be careful what you say! I will be back in a second with the paper work." She stated before going down the hall. Pewds smiled brightly and rushed into the room with Toby right behind him.
The small blonde looked up curiously at the two very energetic men.
"Maddy? My name is Toby Turner and this is Felix (can't remember how to spell his last name and I'm lazy so I'm not looking it up)." Toby said introducing both of them. Felix waved smiling at her. Maddy timidly waved back and nodded at what Toby had said.
"We have something to ask you." He said unsure of how to say that they wanted to adopt her. Again the girl nodded as if saying "go on" with her mind.
"well we were wondering if you would like us to take care of you since no one else is around to do it." Toby explained "But I think we should have your permission before signing the papers that say we can take care of you."
Maddy was overwhelmed by everything that was happening. She couldn't remember much of what happened before she got to the hospital other than she was scared and didn't want to go back to where she had been nor did she want to go to an orphanage.
"So what do you say? Do you wanna stay with us, cutecutecute?" Toby asked. Maddy bit her lip unsure what to say.
"Uh um... I guess" she stuttered out.
"Great~!!!" Pewdie exclaimed hugging the girl. She squirmed a little the Swede's sudden shouting had scared her. She preferred the brunette over the blonde. Seeing her discomfort Toby came to the small girls rescue taking her from Felix, cuddling her.  The Swedish man glared at Toby.
"I'm so happy!! This is going to be so much fun~!" He squealed (literally squealed). "We can take you to my house, right after they let us sign you out!" The little girl nodded smiling.
"Okay!!" she exclaimed happily. Her knew life would be an amazingly awesome and fun ride.
So this is not an update for either of my stories. :iconimsosorryplz: I can't think when I try to right for Kodomo and I'm just tired of Romano x reader right now. Don't take this the wrong way. I am not in any way going to discontinue them I just need time to think.
So about this story; I was reading fanfiction watching Cry and Tobuscus alternating between the two and this idea came into my head. I couldn't stop thinking about it so this story was born! I technically wrote the Cry part of the story first but that doesn't come in until later. I thought that if I wrote this and posted it, it would be better than not uploading anything at all for like the fourth week in a row. So enjoy. Flames and Haters will be flagged as spam and blocked.
Pewdiepie belongs to himself or Marzia ;)
And Toby Turner belongs to himself!
Maddy is my character
Please don't steal this!!
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